Lightwish Upgraded Crystal Clear UV Resin 500g, Low Odor, Fast Curing, for Jewelry Making, DIY Craft , Charms, Pendants

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【Upgraded Formula Resin】-Higher quality resin raw materials have been used and reformulated. Almost no odor during use, crystal clear after curing, more resistant to yellowing,and shrinkage rate lower than 2%. Hardness up to 83D after curing, excellent stability and scratch resistance. can preserve your artwork and diy projects for a long time
【Efficient & Easy to use】-Clear UV resin is easy to handle, no measuring required, no mixing required,just turn it on and use it.Curing time is short, you don't need to wait too long. about 3 minutes under a UV lamp,and you can easily get the most excellent resin work.
Note:Recommended for double-sided curing with 36W and above UV lamps in transparent mold
【Crystal Clear & Anti-yellowing】-Antioxidants are added to the uv resin clear, which makes our product more crystal clear and yellow resistant than other resin glues, suitable for any transparent material, you can use it alone or with resin dyes to create more colorful DIY works
【Low viscosity & High Fluidity】-this uv resin kit has a viscosity of 1800cps, low viscosity and fast fluidity, which makes it more suitable for small craft projects!such as earrings, pendants, keychains, rings, pins, encapsulate objects etc, It can also be mixed with mica powders, colorants and glitter for a colorful finish. 
Note: The darker the color added, the longer the UV lamp curing time.

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