MeiLiang Watercolor Paint Set 36 Vibrant Colors 5ml (0.17-oz) Tube

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  • 36 Vibrant Colors: The pretty excellent watercolor paint set provides 36 Vibrant Colors 5ml (0.17-oz) Tubes, extracted from the most natural quality ore, colors are strongly pigmented, transparent, rich, clear, and crisp, making it a good watercolor paint for both professional artists and beginners to have fun on a painting trip.
  • Tube Paints Set- Comes in tubes with a very fine consistency. Meiliang's great value watercolor paint sets can blend with water easily. They won't be chalky or dull when mixing. Bring out the maximum brilliance and color clarity with a buttery consistency for easy mixing and blending.
  • Adopted High-Quality Arabic Gum: Arabic gum can increase the gloss and transparency of watercolor. It will also heighten the intensity of the colors and make the paint more soluble, safe non-toxic, and easy to apply.
  • Highly Pigmented: The pretty excellent Watercolour set adopts ultra-pure pigment which has been delicately grounded making it not easy to get grey or produce scrap, you can see there are just micro differences when it's wet or dry. 
  • Perfect Gift: This would be a lovely gift watercolor set portable for travel for any budding Watercolorist, or given this set to people who express a desire to learn watercolor painting or professional Artists, and so on.

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