Paul Rubens 24 Vibrant Colors Half Pans with Portable Watercolor Palette

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  • 24 Vibrant Colors: This watercolor paint set provides 24 vibrant colors options, extracted from the most natural quality ore, colors are strongly pigmented, transparent, rich, clear, making it a good watercolor paints for both professional artists and beginners.
  • Adopted High-Quality Arabic Gum: Made from extra fine Gum Arabic which increases the gloss and transparency of watercolors and also heightens the intensity of the colors and makes the paint more soluble. These watercolor paints come with high lightfastness and strong continuity, perfect for mixing and blending.
  • Highly Pigmented: Adopts ultra-pure pigment which has been delicately grounded that makes it not easy to get grey or produce scrap, you can see there are just micro differences when it's wet or dry. With kid safe as they are acid-free and non-toxic, it is ideal for use by budding artists to professional painters.
  • Portable and Convenient to use: This travel watercolor paint with a palette, then you can take it to go. And there is a small tool inside the watercolor to help you take out each half pan.

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