Paul Rubens 48 Macaron Colors Soft Oil Pastels

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  • 48 Macaron Colors Oil Pastels for Art: The colors are vivid and exquisite, and the coloring, mixing and overlay are as good as the oil paint. It can be overlayed or mixed with multi-colors, it presents a unique texture sensation makes it ideal for painting, drawing, or coloring.
  • Feel Softer, Better Painting Experience: The oil pastels are soft, and make much smoother blends, suitable for blending and scraper techniques. They handle and clean easily, they are intense in color and particularly soft and pleasant to use on paper and other smooth media.
  • Eco-friendly Oil Pastel, Safe and Fun: The oil pastel set is made by high quality and eco-friendly materials, Non-toxic, stable and lasting color. Feature with strong adhesion, not easy to fade, suitable for blending and scraper skills.
  • Cylindrical shape: With the cylindrical shape can help you control the oil pastels easily, soft but not easy to break. Each soft pastel is sized in 70 mm × Ø 12mm (2-3/4" × 8/17") round pastels with paper sleeves and has a great grip.
  • Wide Application: The good adhesion and excellent color make it can be used on paper, glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, etc. It’s suitable for painting summer feeling, vivid picture, making pictures brightly and active.

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Gorgeous colors

I love these colors, the set is filled with mostly pastels and some neon-esque colors

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