Paul Rubens Artist Watercolor Paint Set, 24*5 ml Vibrant Colors

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  • 24 Artist-grade Vivid Colors: Paul Rubens Watercolor adopts ultra-pure pigment which has been delicately grounding and makes it not easy to get grey or produce scrap, you can see there are no differences when it's wet or dry.
  • High-quality Pigment Tubes: Made of extra-fine gum arabic to create these professional-grade watercolors, which produce paints that are easy to mix, lightfast, and permanent. We offer a selection of truly unique colors.
  • Transparency&Blooming: The pigment is made of raw toner materials with strong weather resistance and high transparency.which can be single-color or multi-color stacking, and ensure that the superimposed effect of multiple is natural. Good diffusivity, it can make the color mix well
  • Exquisite package: These watercolor tubes are arranged in a high-quality box, to ensure not easy to be damaged during shipping, it is the best gift for friends and family.

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