Paul Rubens Professional Soft Pastels, Handmade 40 Vibrant Colors Chalk Pastels

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  • 【Prefessional Handmade Soft Pastel】 Each of Paul Rubens's soft pastel is made of pure pigment and nature adhesives in a specific ratio. It is hand-rolled which will give the pastels a top-quality texture of smoothness and softness, easy to work with on all types of pastel papers.
  • 【Rich Colors Offers More Possibility】The Paul Rubens Chalk Pastels 40-color set features a wide range of vibrant and intense colors, suitable for crafts, drawing, portraits, graffiti, DIY, etc. Analogous color will help you to achieve hue gradients and layer effortlessly.
  • 【Excellent Pure and Vibrant Pigment】Finely ground intense pigment has bright colors, strong lightfastness. Not easy to fade, discoloration. Skin-safe, you can blend it with your hand, sketching sponge, blending stumps. Best choice for kids above 3 years and adult coloring.
  • 【Work Well on the Diverse Surface】The outstanding coverage of soft pastels allows you to overlay lighter colors directly over darker ones. Moreover, you can create your art anywhere, not only on paper but stone, plank, wall and any rough surface...
  • 【Portable and Sturdy Package】Soft pastels are packaged in a portable design box with a safeguarding inner foam cushion to keep pastels you received organized. Ideal gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, etc. To bring more art pleasure to your family and friends.

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