Super Vision Watercolor Paint Set, Diverse Colors Layering, Attractive Art Watercolor Set,3 Layering Colors 15ml*3 Tube (Set A)

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  • Impressive layering hues: Outstanding layering effect is the distinguishing feature of this watercolor set. Each piece of wet-on-wet watercolor painting tube can present three colors. The individual tube consists of several elements. So different hues put on the watercolor paper, making the drawing ample and abundant.
  • Uniqueness of coloring combination: SUPER VISION Watercolor Paint Set uses three single colors combined in a tube to form appealing layered colors.
  • Characteristic pigments: The reliable pigments bring good staining quality and granulating quality. Compared with the previous watercolor paints, the new production method achieves professional-level development.
  • User-friendly tube form: The design of each tube with 15ml pigment is unique. The pattern of ancient Chinese eaves designed on the top poses an antique composition. The color of the label in the middle allows you to lock the color you want as soon as possible.
  • What you get: Tube watercolor two-pack, experience the unique painting experience of layered colors. At the same time, our enduring and nice service is always behind you.

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