MeiLiang Solid Watercolor Paint Set 52 Colors Standard (Blue Box)

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Experience the MeiLiang Watercolor Paint Set, featuring 52 vibrant colors in half pans, perfect for artists of all levels. This set includes a drawing pencil, paint brushes, watercolor paper, a sponge, and a black drawing pen, making it ideal for both travel and studio use. The high-quality pigments offer excellent color mixing, rewetting properties, and fluidity.

  • 52 vibrant colors, including 2 metallic shades.
  • High pigment quality for bright, mixable colors.
  • Contains Arabic gum for increased gloss and transparency.
  • Suitable for beginners to professionals.
  • Portable and sturdy metal case.
  • Ideal gift for watercolor enthusiasts.

52 Vibrant Colors

This set includes 50 premium colors and 2 metallic shades, providing a wide range of options for any project. The colors are vibrant and rich, ensuring your artwork stands out.

High-Pigmented Quality

The high pigment quality of these watercolors ensures that the colors are bright, mix well, and rewet easily. The paints are fluid and not chalky, offering a smooth painting experience.

High-Quality Arabic Gum

The use of Arabic gum enhances the gloss and transparency of the watercolors. It increases the intensity of the colors and makes the paint more soluble and easy to apply, all while being safe and non-toxic.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, this set is perfect for any artist. It's ideal for children's projects, art classrooms, group activities, and personal use by painting enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Perfect Travel Set

The sturdy, portable metal case ensures that your paints are protected and easy to carry. Enjoy the freedom of painting anywhere, from indoor studios to outdoor landscapes, parks, beaches, and gardens.

Great Gift Idea

This set makes a wonderful gift for aspiring watercolorists, professional artists, and anyone interested in exploring watercolor painting. It's a thoughtful and practical present for any occasion.

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