Paul Rubens 24 Vibrant Colors Watercolor Paint, Highly Pigmented

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  • 24 Vibrant colors: This set provides 24 vivid color options that come in a wider range of paints. The colors are strongly pigmented, transparent, rich, clear, and crisp, makes it a good watercolor set for Students, hobbyist and beginners.
  • Adopted High-Quality Arabic Gum: Made from extra-fine gum arabic based watercolors, it can increase the gloss and transparency of watercolors, It will also heighten the intensity of the colors and make the paint more soluble.
  • Highly Pigmented: These paints come with high lightfastness and strong continuity, perfect for mixing and blending, and Paul Rubens never use synthetic fillers to substitute for rare pigments. Those tubes suitable for many watercolor techniques, it offers your art painting a better performance, makes it more creative.
  • Safety and ideal for use: Our watercolor paints are kid-safe as they are acid-free and easy to work with. They're ideal for use from budding artists to professional painters.

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