Paul Rubens Oil Paint, 20 Bright Oil Colors with High Saturation, 50ml Large Capacity Tubes

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  • Delicate and Creamy Texture Oil Color Paint - Paul Rubens oil color paints are made with high-quality fine art pigments. High pigmentation provides excellent covering power and tinting strength. In addition to being easy to blend, it moves smoothly over surfaces such as canvas or painted wood panels and retains brush strokes and knife marks brilliantly. 
  • High-quality Pigments - This set possesses high material purity. It is formed from plentiful pigmented materials. These oil color paints can stay fresh for a long time and won’t be washed out, stay fresh for a long time. These bright and vivid colors will be combined into wonderful paintings. 
  • The proper choice for you - The fast-drying oil paints are long-lasting and rich in color. The paint primer is swiftly drying and smooth. Colorful and vivid, It brings you a different experience from traditional paintings. A large number of color options for you, you can feel free to choose the color that meets your expectations. 
  • Fast Drying Time - It is serviceable to cover large areas of canvas quickly and start to apply thicker layers of paint fast without disturbing any wash, underpainting, or sketch underneath. Allowing you to quickly apply new colors, it is more convenient and quicker than traditional oil paints. 

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