Lightwish Watercolor Paint Set 128 Colors, with Watercolor Paper, Brush, Pencils, Erasers

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of color with the Lightwish Watercolor Paint Set. This comprehensive set offers an impressive 128 shades, designed to enhance your creativity and bring your artwork to life. Perfect for artists of all levels, it includes everything you need to start painting right away, from richly pigmented watercolors to high-quality tools and accessories.

  • 128 vibrant colors including metallic and fluorescent shades
  • High-quality watercolor papers and versatile brushes
  • Superior pigments for exceptional transparency and blending
  • Durable metal tin for portability and organization
  • Comprehensive set with all necessary accessories
  • Safety-certified with excellent customer support

128 Vivid Colors

Explore an expansive palette with 78 standard colors, 44 dazzling metallic hues, and 6 eye-catching fluorescent tones. Each color is carefully crafted for smooth application, seamless blending, and brilliant intensity.

Comprehensive Set for All Your Needs

The set includes 128 watercolor paints, a blank swatch card paper, 10 high-quality watercolor papers, 2 versatile watercolor brushes, a pencil, eraser, sharpener, sponge, and a sturdy metal tin for convenient storage. This all-inclusive kit ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Premium Quality Pigments

Our watercolors are made with superior quality pigments, offering exceptional transparency, lightfastness, and blending capabilities. These premium pigments ensure that your artwork remains vibrant and stunning over time.

Perfect for Travel

This compact and lightweight set is housed in a sleek, durable metal tin, making it ideal for artists on the go. Whether you’re painting outdoors or traveling, this portable set ensures you're always ready to create.

After-Sales Guarantee

We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our watercolor set complies with all relevant safety certifications, and we offer a hassle-free replacement service within 12 hours of your request, ensuring peace of mind and a great painting experience.

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