Paul Rubens Professional Watercolor Paint Brush, Size 6 Wash/Mop Round Squirrel Hair Paint Brush

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  • Pure Squirrel Hair Brush: Adopted exceptionally soft and absorbent squirrel hair, so that the brush can hold a large amounts of water and the brush tip can hold paint exceptionally well. It doesn't leave hair tracks while brushing, ideal for wash and mop techniques.
  • Metal Ferrule: The ferrule of the brush receives four deep crimps. Deep crimping compresses the walls of the ferrule into the surface of the wooden handle, creating a mechanical lock that securely fastens the ferrule to the handle
  • Brush Size: Size 6 (Every brand’s size series are different so please refer to its actual size), Brush length: 7.99 inch (203mm). Generously sized and hand shaped, the brush point allows for full strokes across the paper, ideal for you to create beautiful art work.
  • Elegant Pacakge: The brush is packaged in an elegant black gift bod, which is convenient to store the brush and is a perfect gift for your kids, friends, or anyone who love painting.

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