In 2008, after trial and error and continuous exploration, Paul Rubens art supply brand was finally established. Paul Rubens' first generation of artist-grade oil paints was successfully developed!

In 2012, Paul Rubens' first generation of artist-grade watercolors was successfully developed and officially launched in 2014;

In 2014, the second generation of Paul Rubens artist-grade oil paints was launched;

From 2015 to 2016, Paul Rubens' pearlescent solid watercolors were first launched in the world, and the second generation of artist-grade watercolors was researched and developed, and Paul Rubens' watercolor paper products, watercolor brushes, and watercolor auxiliary tools were supplemented and other products;

From 2016 to 2017, successfully developed the Paul Rubens star product, the artist-level third-generation "fresh new solid watercolor", which was well received by consumers and quickly led the market;

In 2018, the third generation of Paul Rubens artist-level oil painting (blue packaging) was developed, and a series of alkyd resin products were successfully developed in the same year;

In 2019, the Paul Rubens watercolor auxiliary material white ink was successfully launched;

In 2020, Paul Rubens artist-grade oil painting colors (black packaging) will be officially launched on the market.

In 2021, the Paul Rubens oil pastel series were officially launched and were quickly welcomed by many artists!

In 2022, Paul Rubens the fourth generation of artist-level watercolor set was released, and many artists were amazed by its excellent quality and bright colors!