Paul Rubens Solid Watercolor Paint Set Artist Grade, 24 Vivid Floral Colors

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Discover the brilliance of the Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint Set, an artist-grade collection featuring 24 vivid floral colors. Housed in a lightweight, portable metal box, these ultra-pure pigments offer high transparency, strong tinting, and excellent lightfastness, ensuring your artwork remains vibrant over time. Ideal for artists, beginners, hobbyists, and students, these watercolors are crafted with extra-fine gum arabic, making them easy to mix and use.

  • Ultra-pure pigments for vibrant colors.
  • High transparency for layering techniques.
  • Strong tinting and excellent lightfastness.
  • Made with extra-fine gum arabic.
  • Portable, customizable metal tin.
  • Comprehensive 24-color floral palette.

Ultra-Pure Pigments

Each paint in the set uses ultra-pure pigments, ensuring your colors remain vibrant and do not become muddy when mixed. This purity guarantees superior color quality and consistency in your artwork.

High Transparency

The watercolors boast high transparency, allowing for layering and glazing techniques that enhance the depth and luminosity of your paintings. This feature is perfect for creating realistic and intricate details in your art.

Strong Tinting and Excellent Lightfastness

These paints offer strong tinting strength, meaning a little goes a long way. Combined with excellent lightfastness ratings, your artwork will retain its brilliance and not fade over time, even when exposed to light.

Extra-Fine Gum Arabic Base

Made with extra-fine gum arabic, these professional-grade watercolors are easy to mix, permanent, and produce smooth, even washes. This base ensures the paints have a high level of control and responsiveness.

Portable and Customizable

The set comes in a beautiful, lightweight pink metal tin, perfect for on-the-go painting. Each watercolor pan can be individually removed and replaced, allowing you to customize the palette to your preference and convenience.

Wide Spectrum of Floral Colors

With 24 distinct floral shades, this set provides a comprehensive palette for your artistic needs. From subtle nuances to bold contrasts, these colors inspire creativity and expression, making them ideal for floral compositions and beyond.

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